Establishing a regular practice routine

A common problem a lot of people have is the lack of practice time. By following the guidelines below most people can establish a healthy and productive routine.

  1. Create a daily routine.
  2. Schedule a specific time of the day for practice. Let those around you know you don’t want to be disturbed or distracted for the next 20 minutes. Make this a habit.
  3. Set small goals for each practice session.
  4. Assess these goals at the end of the session and see what went wrong and how this can be fixed the next day.
  5. Ask your teacher to write out a practice timetable, this way you can allocate how much time to allocate to each element, for example 5 minutes major scale shape 1, 5 minutes improvisation, 5 minutes rhythm exercise stage 2, 10 minutes new song practice. This timetable should be checked and amended at regular intervals.
  6. Make sure you leave your guitar somewhere where it is visible. The more you see it, the more chances you’ll have to think about practicing during the day.
  7. If you are watching sports on TV however, it is a good idea to have your guitar with you. You can practice unconsciously, by just using a very simple exercise or just practice in the advertisement breaks.
  8. Spend less time on social media and practice instead.
  9. Visualise yourself playing. Visualizing something and actually doing it are two interconnected things in our brains. You can think of where specific notes are on your fret board, or see yourself playing a piece you have been practicing.

When taking lessons at Guitar Lessons Gold Coast, Tim will assist you in designing your own unique practice schedule.

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