Benefits to children of learning a musical instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument can dramatically boost your child’s self-discipline, intelligence, language ability and planning skills, all of which are essentially related to academic performance.

There are many scientific studies that show how long-term music training can effectively enhance a child’s brain.

Boost your child’s brain strength with music

Music can give your child a mental advantage. Learning to play an instrument makes the learner use both parts of the brain; consequently, this helps to boost brain power. There are several studies concluding that children exposed to music attain higher academic achievement.

Improve your child’s memory with music

Help your kids remember and learn more with music. Research has shown that music enhances specific parts of the brain that are linked to memory.

Increase your child’s self-confidence

Confidence enhances all areas of life. Learning how to play a musical instrument can teach a child that they can build a skill on their own and get better at it with time.

Music can teach your child to persevere

Learning to play an instrument takes time. In order for a musician to play a musical piece right, they need to work on it thoroughly and practice it several times per day. To achieve this, you really need to be patient!

Music develops discipline

Music requires practice, and practice requires organisation and good time management. Scheduling a specific amount of time for daily practice helps the learner to develop discipline. The discipline that children learn by simply sticking with learning and practicing is a valuable life lesson.

Language benefits

There seems to be a connection between musical training and language abilities. Learning to play an instrument requires using the ear critically to discern sounds and changes in pitch. This trains the hearing process section of the brain, which is also used for language skills. As music involves reading and comprehension, it helps to develop reading and comprehension skills, as well as vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning.

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