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My name is Tim Shaw and I am a qualified and experienced teacher offering professional guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons on the Gold Coast. I work with beginners and advanced players of all ages, on a one to one basis.

If you are learning to play guitar for the very first time or simply want to brush up on your skills, having the right teacher will be invaluable when it comes to achieving your goals. I can provide personal one-to-one guitar lessons that will be tailored to suit the styles you want to play as well as help you advance at a steady pace.

For beginners, learning the guitar is not easy at first, but if you put in the practice and dedication you will be amazed how quickly you will see results. I am a firm believer in teaching people not only the physical aspects of playing the guitar, but also the knowledge required to recognise chord structures and song arrangements. I can also train you to develop valuable listening skills that will help you learn your favourite songs more easily and with better understanding.

If you are already a competent player, I will be able to cover many aspects of theory and technique that will help you become a more proficient and well-rounded musician. From blues to metal and rock to country, I have now acquired a wealth of experience in different genres and will be able to help develop your knowledge and technique.

But the most important thing about learning the guitar is to know how to enjoy it. Music is something that we all interact with and when you start to test your playing ability, you will see how rewarding this can be. There is no better feeling than to master new songs and skills, and with the knowledge and techniques I can teach you, you will be well on your way to becoming the musician you want to be.

"The satisfaction of taking a complete beginner through to the point where they can stand on stage in front of an audience and perform in a competent and credible manner is second to none!"
Tim Shaw

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