Learn how to strum a guitar

When learning to strum, most of the movement should be coming from your wrist. Try not to move from the elbow unless you want to accent something or strike a chord a bit harder.

If your wrist is not loose, it can create a harsh tone for your strumming.

Developing a light movement is an important part of creating a nice sound. To develop this skill, work on one stroke at a time. Try and balance the volume, experiment with a light and fast idea, on the upstroke and then match the volume to the down stroke.

By varying where you strum this will alter the sound; close to the bridge creates a brighter sound while the further you move away from the bridge will create a darker sound. Find the sweet spot and use it as a tool for variation of your tone.

Having your pick slightly angled while you pick can help produce a sweet tone.

I can help you achieve your rhythm playing goals using the above and other ideas.

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