Get the best from your guitar

Standard Guitar Set Up Service includes:

  • Full guitar evaluation
  • Neck relief adjustment
  • Intonation setting
  • Pick up height adjustment
  • Bridge saddle check and adjustment
  • Set bridge height
  • Nut slot check and adjustment
  • Lubricate with graphite
  • Clean and lubricate bridge
  • Adjust tremolo action
  • Lemon oil rosewood fretboard
  • Clean and polish
  • Fit new strings

Fret Dress Service includes:

  • Check and fix loose frets
  • Stone frets if required
  • Fret polish

For more details or to book your guitar setup service please contact us.

Choosing the Right Guitar

The first point is usually to discuss the style and type of music the individual likes and aspires to play, followed by the differences between acoustic and electric guitars, playability, prices, budget and finally where to purchase.

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